Airless spray painting equipment in the UK

On this page, we have a comprehensive list of a number of pieces of equipment that we provide. For more information on our products, contact us today! Our products include:


  • Electric Airless Spray Painting

Fully portable the range of sizes available ensures the requirements of any commercial painter and decorator are met. This includes the application of spray plasters.

  • Pneumatic Airless Spray Painting

Designed for heavier duty industrial workshop use

  • Electric Air-Assisted Spray Painting

A recent addition to the range very suited where on-site finishing of cabinets, joinery including doors and staircases is required

  • Pneumatic Airless Spray Painting

Beautifully engineered spray painting pumps for workshop use where a fine finish is required

  • HVLP Spray Painting Turbine

For all fine finish and detail work glosswork, staircase componentry etc

Spray Guns

  • Airless High Pressure
  • Air-Assisted High Pressure
  • Low Pressure Pressure Fed, Suction Fed & Gravity Fed
  • HVLP Turbine

Spray Tips

  • Airless 107 943

Suitable for use in all leading makes of airless spray guns including Airlessco, Graco, Titan and Wagner appropriate guards also available

Extension Poles & Tip Extensions

  • Air-Assisted

To suit Graco, Kremlin, Optima and Wagner air-assisted spray guns

Paint Spraying Filters

  • Widest range of paint spraying filters available from one source in the UK

Paint Spraying Hose

  • High Pressure

Bulk and assemblies manufactured to any specification

  • Low Pressure

PVC, Polyurethane, Reinforced PVC Breathing, Rubber Alloy, Nylon Tubing, Suction

  • Protective Hose Cover

Smooth & Braided Polypropylene

Maintenance & Spares

  • Q-Lube Piston Lubricant

Use with any make of airless paint spraying pump including Airlessco, Graco, Q-Tech, Titan and Wagner

  • Q-Tector Pump Conditioner

For all year round use effective down to temperatures as low as 32?C

  • Paint Spraying Pump Spares

Wide stock range plus access to most spares for leading makes of airless paint spraying pumps including Airlessco, Graco, Titan and Wagner

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